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Tournament Directors

Jenn Loud

Tournament/Insurance Coordinator

Phone: 518-281-6115

Chris Trombley

Adult Tournament Results Coordinator

Phone: 315-451-7509

Jen Sollien

Junior Tournament Results Coordinator


All information and forms needed to sanction and manage a tournament is found on the TD DOCUMENTS page. Most importantly, the Tournament Directors Guide [TDG] covers everything from start to finish.


A few key points:

  • Sanctions and insurance are processed by the Tournament/Insurance Director similar to the process for practices and other club events.

    • Active club – requires MAAM attendance

    • Juniors – Club Director and TD must have current USAV background screening and SafeSport certification.

    • Certificate of Insurance Request form

    • Tournament & Event Sanction form

    • Performance bond Check

  • Use of AES

    • All IREVA tournaments are scheduled via AES.

    • Juniors – event registration must be managed via AES.

    • Event registration payments may be made via AES at the TD’s option – with fees paid by the TD to AES.

    • IREVA highly recommends that Tournament Directors should manage their events [team and playoffs scheduling/results] via AES. IREVA pays AES for this service – no charge to TDs.

    • Juniors – all results must be published in AES.


New this year:

  • Jen Sollien is taking on the additional role of actively supporting TDs in their use of AES.

  • For new and inexperienced TDs, IREVA will pay for an on-site MENTOR once a year to assist with learning to use AES.

Instructions for Club Directors/Team Reps to search and register for IREVA tournament are found on the EVENTS>AES page.