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Andy Mink

Andy Mink

Coach Development Director

Phone: 518-428-7240

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Coaching Tips from some Experts

The AVCA-Region Affiliate Partner Program (AVCA-RAPP) is designed to link college and youth volleyball by providing regions with information on colleges in their area, familiarizing them with various recruiting rules, providing opportunities for engagement and recognition, and sharing educational materials.

IMPACT Program Information

  • Required of all coaches to be placed on a Juniors roster
  • Is 4.5 hours for an in-person clinic with no test at the end of the program
  • Is (2) 3-hour days (Mountain Standard Time) for an online webinar with a test at the end of the program
  • USAV also accepts some courses as equivalent to the IMPACT training. Please see their statement here.
  • USAV now offers a FREE On-Demand course for all registered members!
  • Please note that IMPACT training no longer includes SafeSport certification. Safesport training can be found here here.

CAP Program Information

  • Typically offered in IREVA one weekend in November Bi-Annually.
  • Any CAP certified coach on a roster at IREVA Junior Regional's will receive a $100 subsidy at the end of the season. This subsidy is ongoing and is not a one time payment.
  • IMPACT is a requirement and is usually offered the Friday evening prior to the CAP event
  • Coaches will be on the court and in the classroom with 2 or more USAV Cadre
  • Coaches will have the opportunity to choose the modules that interest them
  • USAV offers multiple tiers of CAP (I, II, III, IV, V)

All USAV Coaching Education Opportunities 
Also check out the NFHS Learning Center at There are courses aimed at students, parents, coaches, officials, and administrators. 

There is free online concussion training available at
*USAV recommends that IREVA coaches review this (<30 minutes) 
*NYS Public Schools require this of all their coaches. 

Learn and share best practices for staging a 60-90 minute first experience in volleyball for ages 18& under as part of USA Volleyball's Open Court program with this webinar