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Club Directors/Team Reps

Tracy Manning

Juniors Director

Phone: 607-725-9412

Tara Cummings

Adult Director

Depending upon how a club is organized, club directors and/or administrators and/or team reps are responsible for a variety of non-volleyball tasks, including administrative things such as club/team/member registration with IREVA, obtaining sanctions and insurance for IREVA-sanctioned events, and entering tournaments. Contact the adults or juniors director, as appropriate, for more information. 

Sanctions And Insurance

All events, including but not limited to tryouts, camps, clinics, practices, scrimmages and tournaments must be pre-approved by IREVA in order for USAV-provided insurance to apply. Obtaining an event sanction and insurance is a two step process.


See the AES page for more information about entering tournaments.  All IREVA tournaments, except the Regional Championships, are organized by host clubs. All IREVA clubs are encouraged to be tournament hosts. Find more information about hosting tournaments here.

Additional Resources And Guidance