All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification! More information here
Hints on use of on-line system by Club Director / Team Reps
[subject to revision based on continuing system updates and enhancements]:
  • Adding club director / team rep / club admin rights is a manual process. The club director [or designated club admin] should register first, so that the Registrar can create the club if necessary, associate the club director / club admin with the club, and access can be set up in the system. Club Admin rights expire 10/31 each year with membership, so it is advantageous to register before that deadline.
  • The club director / team rep can use the system to help manage their club paperwork [review status of application / membership, set up teams, etc.]. See CLUB ADMIN MANUAL for more info.
  • Members who applied as "undecided" must be assigned to a club by the Club Director / Team Rep thru submission of a Club Application/ Registration List to the Assistant Registrar and to a team by a club admin to finalize their membership in a club. A player cannot be on an official roster and participate in a tournament as "undecided".
  • A club admin must set up teams in the system, which will establish team numbers (codes).
    • Previous year approved team names can be used, or newly approved ones created.
    • Previous year team names not being used must be flagged as inactive.
    • Team names and numbers in the system are required for tournament entries.
    • Players must be assigned jersey numbers in Webpoint.
    • WEBPOINT rosters must be provided at IREVA tournaments.
    • Tournament results are tracked and reported using team codes and names approved in WEBPOINT.
  • Club director and team rep contact information should be provided and updated on the club main page and team main page as necessary or important messages may be missed.
  • A club admin can move players between teams, and can export member info for the team or club, so that contact info lists can be created off-line.
  • A club admin can email to their club within the system with no limits on the outgoing list; however, some email systems may be set up to screen such messages as spam or junk mail.
  • One event [one-day or multi-day] registrations can be set up in Webpoint to allow for the participation of non-members in any IREVA-sanctioned activities.
    • These will appear as "pending" until the day of the event.
    • This is not allowed for Adults affiliated with a junior club or activity who can not provide proof of a current USAV background screening.
    • Upgrades via paper application are not allowed on site at any event.
    • A club admin should contact the Registrar for any questions or issues of a non-routine nature, e.g., out-of-region players and teams, foreign players and teams, player / coach situations, etc.

Need more help? – Contact the Adults Director, the Juniors Director, the Registrar or other BODs [see CONTACT INFO under the ABOUT menu] as appropriate – they will be more than happy to assist.