All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification! More information here


All Club Directors, Team Reps, Club Admins, and TDs (Juniors and Adults) must attend a Mandatory Annual Administrative Meeting in order to qualify for access to their club or team registration information or the tournament approval process.

Memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Club Directors and Team Reps must coordinate among themselves with regard to who is responsible for which teams and the corresponding assignment of club admin access to the registration system, etc.
  • Verify prospective members have applied (view Confirmation print-out or check in WEBPOINT).
  • Verify members have [or have applied for] background screening as necessary.
    • Note: It is highly recommended that when the Club Director receives the application confirmation from the player that they also request a signed print out of the Code of Conduct for their own records.
  • Collect money for registrations not paid in WEBPOINT by credit card and write a single check made out to IREVA for the total amount due for registrations.
  • Fill out three [3] forms:
    • Club Application form [club team names, contact info],
    • Transmittal form [$ computation], and
    • Registration List Forms [members list]
  • Send a check for unpaid memberships and all 3 forms to the Assistant Registrar.
    • Assistant Registrar will process within 14 calendar days after receipt of complete and correct information.
  • Junior Club Directors, Team Reps and Coaches must have Medical Releases on hand at all events.
  • Prior to Tournaments, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure members are:
    • Current members in your club
    • Cleared for Background Screening, Safesport certification, and IMPACT-certification as required
    • Assigned (or Associated) with your club
      • Assigned to a team and therefore on the team’s WEBPOINT roster
      • if associated with your club, contact the Registrar for placement on a WEBPOINT roster
    • In possession of their printed Membership Card and a photo ID at all sanctioned events

Club Admins
A Club can have multiple Club Admins using the registration system. However, in order for any Club Admin to be assigned, the Assistant Registrar needs to be notified and they must be an ACTIVE MEMBER - meaning all requirements for their role current/completed (i.e., background screening and Safesport certification, waiver signature page, fees, and any other paper work required)
Special Cases – The registration system limits a certain number of affiliations and admin rights for members. Those who are any combination of Junior Club Directors and/or adult players and/or Regional Officers must contact the Registrar to address their specific situations and needs within WEBPOINT.
Need more help? – Contact the Adults Director, the Juniors Director, the Registrar or other BODs [see CONTACT INFO under the ABOUT menu] as appropriate – they will be more than happy to assist.