All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification! More information here
Safesport Coordinator
Hazel Goldstein
590 Mullock Rd
Port Jervis NY 12771
USA Volleyball & SafeSport - Committed to Safety for All Participants
The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Volleyball. USA Volleyball has ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct.
This includes not only on-court safety, but also off-court safety in any part of USA Volleyball’s programs. USA Volleyball is committed to creating safe and fun environments for youth. This includes, but not limited to, providing training, educational materials and resources for our regions, clubs, coaches, parents and athletes.
USAV Safesport Letter
IREVA SafeSport Coordinator – Hazel Goldstein

New USAV SafeSport Website (9/16/2016):
I am excited to share that the new USA Volleyball SafeSport website is now live! There is a whole new look and a lot of new information. A couple of highlights of the new website:
  1. We have created videos for our junior members that deal with healthy boundaries, dealing with uncomfortable situations, and how to report misconduct. Spread the word because there is some really valuable information in these videos.
  2. A whole page dedicated to how to complete the online SafeSport training. Hopefully this will benefit our members and cut down on any confusion with completing the training.

USAV SafeSport Handbook (11/17/2017):

Thanks to the considerable effort of the SafeSport committee, we have updated the SafeSport Handbook. The members of the committee have put in many hours over the past few months offering their comments and concerns.

U.S. Center for SafeSport 24-hour victim services helpline:
The helpline offers confidential support services and is operated in partnership with RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.
Phone: 866-200-0796

USOC SafeSport Training and Certification News:
  1. New SafeSport training modules effective 10/2/17.
  2. New SafeSport certification will be good for 2 USAV seasons – expiring 10/31.
  3. Current SafeSport certifications will be grandfathered to 10/31/18.
Update 11/7/2017:
The U.S. Center for SafeSport new course modules are now available. The coursework is now delivered through the USAV Academy. Accessing the course through the USAV Academy is critical to tracking certification and expiration dates. Please access the course exclusively through the USAV Academy (not the USOC SafeSport website).
To register for SafeSport training:
  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your USAV account.
  3. In the navigation menu, click on USAV Clinics and select USAV Coaching Clinics.
  4. Select SafeSport On-Demand: Two-Season Certification.
  5. Complete registration.
  6. To access coursework, click on the Log into USAV Academy button.
Should you need to return to your coursework at a later time, log in to your USAV account and click on the Log into USAV Academy button.
For technical issues, while completing the course, please visit: