All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification in 2016/17. More information here
Forms Date Last Updated
IREVA Spectator & Parent Code of Conduct Form with club signature line 11/7/2013
USAV Code of Conduct 8/8/2016
USAV Code of Conduct and Waiver Form 8/8/2016
USAV Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics Form 8/8/2016
Guides Date Last Updated
USAV Basic Membership Card Documentation 1/24/2007
Insurance/Sanctioning Date Last Updated
IREVA Certificate of Insurance Request Instructions 9/29/2011
IREVA Sanction for Team Practice or Other Events Form 2/14/2017
USAV Incident Report Form 2/3/2017
Miscellaneous Date Last Updated
IREVA Awards Recipients 2/3/2017
IREVA Outdoor FAQ 11/29/2016
Policies Date Last Updated
IREVA Club & Team Names Policy 1/30/2010
IREVA Handbook 11/21/2016
IREVA SafeSport Certification Policy 7/31/2016
IREVA Spectator Code of Conduct 11/7/2013
IREVA Spectator Code of Conduct Implementation Policy 11/7/2013