All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification! More information here
Juniors Director
Tracy Manning
753 Jewett Hill Rd
Apalachin NY 13732
Juniors High Performance Head Coach
Sue Medley


Welcome to another exciting season of USAV Junior Volleyball. These pages are devoted to topics of specific interest to our Juniors community players, parents, coaches and Club Directors in IREVA.

We will not repeat general information here that is found elsewhere concerning registration, tournaments, coaches, etc., so be sure to look at those pages. Also, be sure to check the news items and the calendar. However, when significant changes are made here or elsewhere, there may be a note below under WHAT'S NEW.

Club Directors or their delegated Club Admins are expected to continually check WEBPOINT to ensure that their club membership is correctly reflected with information in the system for the club, club director's contact information, teams and Team Reps' contact information, etc. All active teams should have players listed for accurate rosters. Prior year teams should be switched to inactive if they are not current. Having good information in the database can assist IREVA with planning our events, communicating with clubs, and guiding prospective members with good information about opportunities.

Contact our Juniors Director if you:
  • need information about USAV and/or IREVA Juniors Volleyball
  • are looking for a place to have a junior level volleyball player to play
  • want to start a new Juniors club
  • have any concerns about our Juniors programs or
  • want to jump in and help make IREVA Juniors programs bigger and better!


IMPACT ON-DEMAND - Now includes Safesport Certification

2016-2017 Mandatory Annual Administration Meeting for Juniors Club Directors, Junior Club Admins, and Junior Tournament Directors:
You must meet attendance requirement for at least one of these meetings to serve in any of the capacities listed above
Meeting for 2016-2017 year will be at Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY, on Sunday, September 11, 2016. Time TBD.
Meetings are expected to last between 3-4 hours.
*Clubs personnel that are signed in as Administrators or Tournament Directors will be cleared to complete club registration or event sanctioning respectively for the 2015 - 2016 season.

New information that will be covered at the meetings and included in our comprehensive take away packet will include:

  • Content Changes in the required IMPACT certification for coaches
  • Expected CAP opportunities in the region
  • Junior Regional Championship dates and bidding process for interested hosts
  • New SAFESPORT requirement for all adults who participate with Juniors programs
  • Tournament Entry / Tournament Management review
  • Member registration updates / changes
  • Webpoint Rosters use and requirements
  • Rule changes / updates
  • R2 / Scorer clinics changes (availibility of registration of who, can, etc?)

USAV Safesport Letter
2015-2016 MAAM Presentation
2016 NCAA D-1 Eligibility Standards