All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification! More information here
IREVA supports men’s and women’s teams in the Premier Volleyball League [PVL].
The USA PVL is a grass roots professional volleyball league that began in 2012.  It is made up of teams from among of the forty (40) Regional Volleyball Associations across North America.  The USA PVL is sanctioned by USA Volleyball and offers tournament play and a League Championship event each year. Complete PVL tournament results are found on the PVL home page. IREVA’s teams’ results will be published on the news page.

IREVA’s goals in supporting PVL teams include encouraging our top-level players to continue playing after they are out of college, whether it is A, AA, or PVL; to use PVL players/teams as a resource to provide clinics and demonstrations in our area; and to promote volleyball in the media in our area.
IREVA’s teams are made up of players both from within and outside of IREVA. As a semi-pro league, PVL provides an opportunity for USA’s top-level players to compete at the highest level without traveling out of the country. Interested players are encouraged to contact IREVA’s PVL Coordinator Chris Hosley at Anyone interested in assisting with media coverage and other PVL-related activities can also contact Chris.