All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification! More information here
See the IREVA Work team policies and requirements. Please note that certified R2 and scorers are required no later than February 1st for all sanctioned tournaments.


JUNIORS: Becoming Initially Certified as a Provisional Scorer or re-certifying every two years

  1. Register with IREVA and be a member in good standing.
  2. Attend scorer clinic [Fellowship or regular clinic] in its entirety and make sure your name is on the attendance sheet.
  3. Take scorer Test B in hardcopy, correct it at the clinic, and turn it in to your clinician. The clinician sends your name to the Scorer Chairperson and your certification information is entered into WEBPOINT. This information will appear in your personal information, on your membership card, and on your teams WEBPOINT roster.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency by keeping score at either a Fellowship scrimmage or an out of region tournament. If keeping score at an IREVA sanctioned tournament, all score sheets are automatically turned in to the Scorer Chairperson by each Tournament Director.

Scorer certifications are valid for two years! After your first year certified as a Provisional Scorekeeper, you only have to attend a Fellowship Event or clinic every other year! There are no additional certification requirements during the off-year.

ADULTS: Becoming Initially Certified as a Provisional Scorer or re-certifying every two years

There are two options for becoming certified as a Provisional Scorer initially and re-certifying every other year:
  1. attend a Scorer clinic and take/correct/turn in the hardcopy B test
  2. you may self-certify by taking and passing the on-line SK accreditation clinic / quiz at the new USA Volleyball Academy Learning Management System (LMS):
    • First, log into WebPoint with your existing userid and password.
    • Select the “Event Registration” tab on the left side and click on the “Region Ref/Score Clinics” dropdown to pull up the list of all IREVA referee and Scorer clinics. Register for the On-Line IREVA Provisional Scorer Certification by clicking on the “Register” button next to the clinic name.
    • If your personal information is not automatically filled in, select the “Add” button to the right of the “Choose Contact”, enter your Last Name and optionally First Name in the “Search/Select Contact” pop-up box and click “Search Contacts” at the bottom of the page, then select the radio button next to your name, and click on the “Choose Contact” button at the bottom of the page.
    • Click on the Submit button for Step 1 and then click on the Register button for Step 2.
    • WebPoint will automatically register you in the US Volleyball Academy learning management system (LMS) and create a userid and password, which is initially the same as your WebPoint userid and password, if this is your first clinic registration. The URL for USA Volleyball Academy ( is listed in the information at the bottom of the registration page and also included in the registration email that is sent to you.
    • Log into the USA Volleyball Academy LMS and click on the Catalog ID IE401, IRVA Scorer Training, to open up the required clinic courses and test.
    • For the 2013-2014 season, you will need to review the Libero Control and Comprehensive Scoring Clinic courses before you take the Form C Scorer Exam.
    • When all of the required modules are completed, USA Volleyball Academy will automatically update your WebPoint Provisional Scorer certification to Current.
    • Please make sure that you Logoff the USA Volleyball Academy LMS when you are finished taking the courses.

Upgrading Certification to Regional Scorer

After one year of successfully keeping score as a Provisional Scorer, you may upgrade to Regional Scorer by being rated by one of the Scorer clinicians. Moving up beyond Regional Scorer Certification Regional Scorers are encouraged to consider upgrading their certification status so that they can assist IREVA in training scorekeepers and potentially be compensated for work at USAV National Championship events. Contact the Officials Director ( or Scorer Chairperson ( for more details, if interested.
Complete USAV volleyball rules and scorekeeping instructions are in the USA Volleyball rulebook, available in hardcopy from your clinician or on the Officials Training website

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