All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification! More information here
Referee Prerequisites
Register with IREVA / USAV at
  • USAV season starts on 9/1 each year and expires 10/31 of the following year (14 months)
  • If not already affiliated with a Club, select Referees as your Club
  • Either pay membership fee online with credit card or send required fee, payable to IREVA, as indicated in the website instructions
  • Membership is not approved and complete until you receive a confirmation email
  • Complete Background Check; Good for 2 seasons
  • If you re-registered before 10/31, check your Background Check status in WEBPOINT to make sure it is still valid
    Background check is not initiated until membership fee is recorded Update your Arbiter Profile and fill in availability/block out unavailability.
  • Inform Referee Director and Assignor of any specific limitations or other requests affecting assignment at tournaments (e.g., travel less than xx miles or hours, Sunday limitations, JO only, Club/Team conflicts, no overnight, etc) Attend IREVA first referee clinic annually
Click here if you are unsure which registration you need.

The on-line training modules for new referees or returning referees and exams for Provisional and Regional Referee are now available on WebPoint. Every Provisional and Regional referee needs to view the training modules via the USA Volleyball Academy LMS (registration is on WebPoint under Region Ref/Score Clinics) and then take the appropriate Exam in order to get your R1 certification renewed for this season. Everyone should do this prior to your first IREVA assignment or by Feb 15 at the latest.

Please fill out a W9 form and send to the IREVA commissioner at

Be available/willing to work at least one of our major tournaments
  • Great Nor'Easter I
  • Great Nor'Easter II
  • Junior Regionals I
  • Junior Regionals II

Remain in Good Standing throughout the season

For any exceptions, discuss with Referee Director

IRS-approved mileage reimbursement rate for 2017 is $0.535 per mile**

USAV has set up a new, central website for referees. As always, the goal is to improve the quality and uniformity of officiating. The website will also have significant benefits in efficiency by eliminating redundant efforts to create and maintain training resources among the USAV Officials Commission and the Regions. All IREVA officials should sign up with and use this site:

Officials Training Modules
Rating Upgrades
The IREVA application deadline for a ratings upgrade from Provisional to Regional is February 1st.
For upgrades to Junior National or National, contact Howard Veater or Mike McNeil for requirements, forms, and deadlines.