All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification in 2016/17. More information here
Corporate Date Last Updated
IREVA ByLaws 2/2/2014
IREVA Op Code Section 1, 2 & 2b - Overview, Obligations to USAV & Responsibilities to NYS 12/29/2015
IREVA Op Code Section 3 - Board of Directors 12/29/2015
IREVA Op Code Section 4A - Structure & Function 12/29/2015
IREVA Op Code Section 4B - Governance 12/29/2015
IREVA Op Code Section 4C - Finance 12/29/2015
IREVA Op Code Section 4D - Regional program Policies 12/29/2015
IREVA Tax Exempt Status 2/28/2012
Definitions Date Last Updated
IREVA Head Official Duty Description 1/28/2010
IREVA Tournament & Event Approval Status Definitions 9/29/2011
USAV 2017 Age Definition 2/3/2017
USAV 2017 Age Definition Chart Only 2/3/2017
USAV First Referee Rating Criteria 12/29/2013
USAV Second Referee Rating Criteria 12/29/2013
Forms Date Last Updated
IREVA - AES Tournament Director Access Request Form 9/12/2011
IREVA - Alternative Tournament Roster Form 9/28/2011
IREVA 2017 HP Registration Form 2/3/2017
IREVA Adults Post-Tournament Form 10/19/2015
IREVA Awards Nomination Form 2/19/2013
IREVA Club Application Form 9/8/2016
IREVA Fellowship Request Form 1/3/2017
IREVA Grievance Form 1/18/2014
IREVA Juniors Letter of Commitment 1/16/2017
IREVA Juniors Post-Tournament Form 10/19/2015
IREVA New Host & Location Request Form 9/15/2012
IREVA Official Fee & Expense Form 10/2/2011
IREVA Registration List Form 9/8/2016
IREVA Registration Transmittal Form 9/8/2016
IREVA Results Grids 11/18/2010
IREVA Spectator & Parent Code of Conduct Form with club signature line 11/7/2013
IREVA Subsidy Request Form 11/29/2016
IREVA Tournament Feedback Form 10/20/2013
USAV Background Check Form 8/8/2016
USAV Background Check Form Non Citizen 8/8/2016
USAV Chaperone Responsibilities Form 8/8/2016
USAV Coaches Code of Ethics and Conduct (CAP) 8/14/2015
USAV Code of Conduct 8/8/2016
USAV Code of Conduct and Waiver Form 8/8/2016
USAV Foreign Participant Registration 2/3/2017
USAV Foreign Team Tournament Registration Summary Form 2/3/2017
USAV Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics Form 8/8/2016
USAV Member Registration Form 8/8/2016
USAV Player Medical Release Form with Notary 8/8/2016
USAV Player Medical Release Form without Notary 8/8/2016
USAV Release of Liability (minor participating in volleyball event) 8/8/2016
USAV Release of Liability (minor participating on adult team) 8/8/2016
USAV Volunteer Consent Form 8/8/2016
USAV Volunteer Waiver Release Form 8/8/2016
Guides Date Last Updated
AES Results Instructions 9/20/2014
Instructions for AES Use 9/26/2014
IREVA Fellowship Guidelines 12/15/2008
IREVA TD Checklist 10/11/2011
IREVA TD Instructions for Adult Tournaments 11/23/2014
IREVA TD Instructions for Juniors Tournaments 11/23/2014
IREVA TD Requirements - Rosters & Registration 1/20/2014
IREVA Tournament Directors Guide 11/29/2016
IREVA WEBPOINT Roster Instructions 9/16/2008
USAV Basic Membership Card Documentation 1/24/2007
USAV Foreign team participation procedures 2/3/2017
USAV Parents Guide 4/16/2012
USAV WEBPOINT Club Admin Manual 9/13/2014
Insurance/Sanctioning Date Last Updated
IREVA Certificate of Insurance Request Instructions 9/29/2011
IREVA Sanction for Team Practice or Other Events Form 2/14/2017
IREVA Tournament & Event Sanction Form 2/14/2017
USAV Certificate of Insurance Request Form 2/3/2017
USAV Certificate Request Process 10/3/2015
USAV Directors and Officers Coverage for clubs 2/3/2017
USAV Event Medical Professional Liability Program Enrollment Form 4/10/2015
USAV Event Medical Professional Liability Program Reporting Process 1/2/2013
USAV Event Medical Professional Liability Program Summary 4/10/2015
USAV Extended Coverage for Officials 10/3/2015
USAV Foreign Summary of Sport Accident Insurance 2/3/2017
USAV Incident Report Form 2/3/2017
USAV Insurance Handbook - complete 2/3/2017
USAV Insurance Handbook - Indemnification Clause Addendum Form 9/22/2013
USAV Insurance Handbook - Rental Agreement Checklist 10/3/2015
USAV Insurance Handbook 1 - Directory - I 10/3/2015
USAV Insurance Handbook 1 – Table of Contents 2/3/2017
USAV Insurance Handbook 2 – Insurance Recap 2/3/2017
USAV Insurance Handbook 3 - Claims Administration - III 10/3/2015
USAV Insurance Handbook 4 - Risk Management - IV 10/3/2015
USAV Insurance Handbook 5 - Certificates of Insurance - V 10/3/2015
USAV Insurance Handbook 6 - Directors and Officers - VI 10/3/2015
USAV Insurance Program Summary 10/3/2015
USAV Medical Claim Form 10/3/2015
USAV Secondary Sport Accident Coverage 10/18/2013
IREVA BOD Admin Date Last Updated
IREVA Administration Penalty Form 1/18/2014
IREVA BOD Conflict of Interest Form 2/28/2012
IREVA BOD Conflict of Interest Policy 1/13/2015
IREVA BOD Flowchart & Hierarchy 11/30/2015
IREVA BOD Motion Form 1/18/2014
IREVA BOD Report Form 1/18/2014
IREVA Committee or New Project Proposal Form 12/2/2013
IREVA Expenses & Reimbursement Form 5/2/2015
IREVA Independent Contractor Agreement 1/18/2014
IREVA Proposal Form - Committee or New Idea 11/30/2015
IREVA Submission of Proposal Form - Change a Current Policy or Procedure 12/2/2013
IRS-W9 2/3/2017
Links Date Last Updated
USAV Grants 2/3/2017
USAV IMPACT Reciprocity 8/4/2016
Miscellaneous Date Last Updated
IREVA Awards Recipients 2/3/2017
IREVA MAAM Presentation 7/26/2016
IREVA Outdoor FAQ 11/29/2016
NCAA D-1 eligibility standards 7/26/2016
USAV Safesport Letter 7/26/2016
Playing Rules, Modifications, and Score sheets Date Last Updated
IREVA Rules Modification - 12U Serving Policy 11/30/2010
IREVA Rules Modification - 12U Volley-lites Requirement 6/8/2013
IREVA Rules Modification - Ghost Player Policy 11/30/2010
IREVA Rules Modification - Set and Match Policy 11/30/2010
IREVA Rules Modification - Uniform Policy 10/4/2012
USAV Libero Control Sheet 12/29/2015
USAV Line-up Sheet 12/29/2015
USAV Official Score Sheet (Deciding Set) 12/29/2015
USAV Official Score Sheet (One Set) 12/29/2015
USAV Official Score Sheet (Two Set) 12/29/2015
USAV One Page Scorekeeping Summary 12/29/2015
USAV Scorekeeping DCR Examples 12/29/2015
USAV Scorekeeping Tips and Reminders 12/29/2015
USAV Scorekeeping Tips and Reminders Cards 12/29/2015
Policies Date Last Updated
IREVA Adult Plus 2 Rule 8/7/2016
IREVA Awards Policy 6/8/2013
IREVA Club & Team Names Policy 1/30/2010
IREVA Coaches CAP Certification Subsidy Policy 11/21/2016
IREVA Coed and Mixed Gender Policy 12/14/2010
IREVA Developmental Tournaments for Juniors 11/6/2011
IREVA Expenses Policy 10/4/2012
IREVA Grievance Policy 1/30/2010
IREVA Handbook 11/21/2016
IREVA IMPACT Policy 12/28/2009
IREVA Junior National Championships Subsidy Policy 11/21/2016
IREVA Juniors and Adults Participation Policy 2/28/2011
IREVA Juniors Recruiting Policy 9/9/2013
IREVA Juniors USAV HP Camps Subsidy Policy 4/29/2012
IREVA NCVF Subsidy Policy 11/21/2016
IREVA Officials Compensation Policy 1/22/2016
IREVA Officials Overnight Expenses Policy 12/29/2015
IREVA Officials training, certification, etc. policy 12/29/2015
IREVA Policy - Membership 12/8/2014
IREVA SafeSport Certification Policy 7/31/2016
IREVA Spectator Code of Conduct 11/7/2013
IREVA Spectator Code of Conduct Implementation Policy 11/7/2013
IREVA Tournament Hardship Subsidy Policy 11/29/2016
IREVA Tournament Referee Subsidy Policy 11/21/2016
IREVA Tournament Roster Policy 10/20/2013
IREVA Uniforms Policy and Process 1/28/2010
IREVA USAV adult nationals subsidy policy 8/7/2016
IREVA Work Teams at IREVA Tournaments 12/29/2015
USAV Age and Identity Falsification Policy 12/10/2007
USAV Background Check Policy 8/8/2016
USAV Floor Tape Guidelines 9/6/2008
USAV Foreign Guest Coach Policy 2/3/2017
USAV Non Citizen Background Check Policy 8/8/2016
USAV Policy on foreign individual and team participation 2/3/2017
Videos Date Last Updated
AES Registration Tutorial Video 1/17/2013
Skills, Drills, and a lot more 2/3/2017