All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification in 2016/17. More information here
. Registration Questions?
Assistant Registrar
Heidi Brower 
161 2nd St Apt 5 
Troy NY 12180 
  518-209-1930 EMAIL or TEXT ONLY, DO NOT LEAVE VOICEMAIL         

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. SAFESPORT required for adults associated with Juniors!

JUNIORS - please be aware that as of the 2016-2017 season ALL adults in your club who are registered and require a background screening MUST  have SAFE SPORT CERTIFICATION.  This is not an option - it will be required. People will NOT be able to be placed on a webpoint roster without this certification. If your people have already done this - then you are ahead of the game - if you have people in your clubs who have not - the summer might be a good time to make this happen. If they are currently registered - they only need to go to the safe sport link on the front of the IREVA website.

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. 02/03/2017 Adult USAV Open National Championship Information and Deadlines posted
The following is an updated deadlines document for the 2017 USAV Opens Registration and Housing through TTS are now open.


More information can be found on the events website here

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. 01/31/2017 Juniors HP information posted
Please review the HP information located under the Players menu!
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. 01/23/2017 Adult Regionals Site Change
Due to a site conflict at Oneonta, Adult Regionals is now going to be held at East Coast Athletics in Goshen, NY. Dates have not changed: April 29th and 30th
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. 01/03/2017 Fellowship Request Form
Please use the updated form at in order to request a fellowship event.
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. 11/29/2016 Tournament Gym Space Subsidies available
In response to member feedback concerning difficulties finding affordable gyms, the IREVA Board of Directors has adopted a policy to subsidize a limited number of events with excessive gym costs. This concept was discussed at the MAAM. This policy is in effect on a trial basis for 2016/17. The goal is to encourage additional events, especially in under-served areas of the Region. Details about the policy and process are available from Jenn Loud, Tournament Coordinator. 
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. 06/02/2016 2017 Junior Regionals Dates set!

DATES for the 2017 Girls and Boys Regional Championships have been set - March 25-26 and April 1 -2. These dates were chosen so that they would not conflict with school Easter vacations.  We wanted to let you know this early enough so that you can plan your club seasons accordingly.

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