All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification in 2016/17. More information here
IREVA Coaching Education Opportunities
Registration for IMPACT & CAP must be done via Webpoint. Contact Andy Mink with any questions.
Dates Location Description Beach/Indoor Time
Pending Availability At your facility in the IREVA region Coaching Clinic with general knowledge discussions and a Q & A Session. Indoor 1+ hour
Capital District Area IMPACT Course Indoor 4.5 Hours
Syracuse Area IMPACT Course Indoor 4.5 Hours
Binghamton Area IMPACT Course Indoor 4.5 Hours
IREVA Region IMPACT Course Indoor 4.5 Hours
November 2017 IREVA Region CAP I & CAP II Clinic Indoor 2+ Days

USAV also accepts some courses as equivalent to the IMPACT training. Please see their statement here.

All USAV Coaching Education Opportunities
Also check out the NFHS Learning Center at There are courses aimed at students, parents, coaches, officials, and administrators.

There is free online concussion training available at
*USAV recommends that IREVA coaches review this (<30 minutes)
*NYS Public Schools require this of all their coaches.

IMPACT Program Information
  • Required of all coaches to be placed on a Juniors roster
  • Is 4.5 hours for an in-person clinic with no test at the end of the program
  • Is (2) 3-hour days (Mountain Standard Time) for an online webinar with a test at the end of the program
CAP Program Information
  • IMPACT is a requirement and is usually offered the Friday evening prior to the CAP event
  • Coaches will be on the court and in the classroom with 2 or more USAV Cadre
  • Coaches will have the opportunity to choose the modules that interest them
  • USAV offers multiple tiers of CAP (I, II, III, IV, V)
Coach Development Director
Andy Mink
669 Ridgebury Rd
Slate Hill NY 10973

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